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May 26, 2003
I have updated the code to compile with Gcc 3.2.0. My plan is to have a good basic lib, with binary support too. Then begin work on a GUI application to go with it.


Anvil is a C++ library to enable developers to read, write and otherwise work with Quicken QIF4 data files. QIF4 files are exported text files from Quicken and account files downloaded from your bank or credit union.
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QIF4 Format
Anvil Library Docs

Screen Shots:

This is an old screen shot using S-Lang as a consle GUI.
First Screen Shot
This may or may not resurface. The latest plan is to use a real GUI toolkit.


The Anvil code is currently being designed and tested on a Slackware 9.0 system utilizing GCC 3.2.0 and Glibc 2.3.1. We are trying to keep the additional libraries need to a minimum.

S-Lang 1.4.5 Scripting Support
Currently there are some test scripts that use this.
S-Lang has a terminal style gui toolkit, which I would like very much to use, in conjuction with having S-Lang as the Anvil embedded scripting langauge.

Robodoc 4.0.2 Embedded Documentation (optional)
The code is being developed with inlined documentation to help make life easier for those who want to work at the library level, i.e. other developers. I am using the Robodoc tool for this as it is very easy to use and deploy, and can be used in many languages, not just C or Java.

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